Black Families Against Racism

The 2024 Primary Election, Santa Clara County Voter Guide

BFAR was founded by African Americans Leaders on the principles of Independence, Liberty and Personal Responsibility and the goal to bring prosperity to Black families by bringing prosperity to all people in our nation.

Our primary focus is on the independence of all people but out of necessity we are initially focused on the plight of African Americans and minorities. Our belief is that if minorities gain independence and learn liberty minded principles, then all Americans will prosper together. We base our principles on the principles of our hero Frederick Douglass who is solely responsible for convincing Abraham Lincoln that Blacks deserved to live in America and not be shipped back to Africa.

Despite the sacrifices and pains of our forcibly enslaved ancestors, we have more opportunities as Americans today than we would have had as Africans. Freedom, Liberty and Prosperity are ours to grasp in this great Nation.

How does BFAR select their candidates? 

We judge them on our above principles and these issues:


Critical Race Theory is designed to set white people against Blacks. It has been shown that the more that CRT is taught in schools and universities, the more anger and animosity it creates. Turning young white kids against their minority classmates. The more animosity that is created, the greater and more violent negative reaction it will cause. Many Black parents and pastors that BFAR has spoken to, despise the teaching of CRT, as they fear the backlash it will and has been causing. CRT was created by racists to increase enrollment into white supremacist groups and destroy peaceful coexistence and hurt Blacks. Any candidate who promotes CRT is a Racist and desires the destruction of minorities by the majorities. Stop Racism.

Candidates, especially school board candidates, who promote CRT based Racism get the Racist Tag during evaluation.  Ask your school board members and candidates to denounce CRT and remove its violence and animosity creating from your schools. If they do not, they are racists.


Darwinism is based on racism. From the very title of his book. “On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or The Preservation of Most Favored Races in the Struggle for Life (1859).”  Who do you think the most favored races are? No need to wonder. Darwin tells us who are not amongst the most favored races.

“At some future period, not very distant as measured by centuries, the civilized races of man will almost certainly exterminate and replace the savage races throughout the world. At the same time the anthropomorphous apes … will no doubt be exterminated. The break between man in a more civilized state, as we may hope, even than the Caucasian, and some ape as low as baboon, instead of as now between the negro or Australian and the gorilla.

Darwin’s work and theories profoundly affected his cousin Francis Galton, who created the concept of Eugenics (well-born). Darwin’s and Galton’s theories together can be deemed the “fathers of Eugenics.” Both of them married their first cousins to keep their racial lines pure. This idea of eugenics was adopted by another follower of Darwin, Margaret Sanger (see Planned Parenthood and Abortion further  on).

Darwin’s lies were the root for using science as a racist weapon.   “Biological arguments for racism may have been common before 1859, but they have increased by orders of magnitude following the acceptance of evolutionary theory…” ~Stephen Jay Gould, Harvard University.

Candidates who accept or teach Darwinism and do not condemn Darwin and his theories of purifying the races are racists and earn the Darwinian Racist tag.


Marx was a racist who dedicated his work to Darwin. He called his Cuban son-in-law whom he despised for being partially black, a negrillo – a negro gorilla.  He also said:  “[He] has the blemish customarily found in the negro tribe—no sense of shame, by which I mean shame about making a fool of oneself.” He kept his housekeeper as a slave and never paid her and utilized her for sex. His principles have enslaved people around the world, as his inspiration was Darwin. Communism is merely the control of the less evolved masses by the more evolved elites, keeping them in perpetual submission to the leaders.  Look at China, Venezuela, North Korea and Cuba.  Their people starve while their leaders live in luxury.

Candidates who embrace and refuse to condemn Marx and Marxism get the Marxist tag. This is especially true for schools. School Board candidates who refuse to teach that Marx was a racist and promote his ideals are racists.

Ask your school board members and candidates to denounce Marx and remove his racist teachings from your school. If they do not, they are racists.


Welfare was used by White Supremacists to enslave Blacks and minorities. Blacks had voted Republican ever since their right to vote had been codified in law. In the 1960’s Lyndon Johnson (LBJ) in an effort to win the presidential race realized he would need Black votes. But not only did he want Black votes for that election, he wanted them for the next 200 years. As he said:

“I’ll have them n***s voting Democratic for the next two hundred years.” 
[Lyndon Johnson, Democrat President, said to two governors regarding the Civil Rights Act of 1964, according to then-Air Force One steward Robert MacMillan]

How did LBJ achieve that?

He sent over 100,000 social workers into black communities to convince them to accept more welfare dollars by kicking fathers out of the home. BFAR has interviewed countless black children of the 60’s who relate how the social workers pestered and worked and cajoled their mothers to get rid of their fathers. Those black men who refused welfare were called the “Too Prouds,” these families were targeted for special attention by social workers. When times were tough, mothers rather than being encouraged to keep their families intact were browbeaten to either hide evidence of the men in the homes or force them to leave. Thus, setting the destruction of the next 70 years of African American lives.

Any candidate that would extend welfare unconditionally and further enslave black families will receive our Black Enslavement tag.


In the 1950’s fatherlessness in black communities was under 9% (see link) but due to LBJ’s concerted racist effort to kick fathers out of the home, fatherlessness started to rise in the 60’s. By 2019 that number was up to 64% fatherlessnes. Any candidate that creates or promotes legislation that increases fatherlessness will receive our Black Family Destruction Tag.


The result of fatherlessness is violence, suicide, drug abuse, gang involvement. This violence filtered into our inner city schools. The only way to stop this violence is to have local police in the community who live and work alongside the parents. While we must ensure bad police officers are eliminated, we cannot throw out the good with the bad and let the thugs take over our black communities. While, the only long-term solution is the presence of fathers and a vibrant inner-city economy. Any candidate who advocates against police presence will receive our Black Violence tag.


The result of violence in the community and in the schools is a drastic drop in literacy rates. As a result of the racist welfare policies, black and minority kids now have a literacy rate as low as 17%. That means 83% of kids leave school without being able to read or write. But rather than try to fix the violence in the schools by fixing the fatherhood issues. Racist policymakers want to dumb down the school systems, so our minority kids are even less educated. BFAR opposes all attempts to dumb down education. This is a racist white supremacist ploy to hamstring minorities. Often this is put into place by black legislators, who have become tools for their racist masters. Margaret Sanger famous eugenicist said this about using black folk to eradicate their own.

“We do not want word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population, and the [black] minister is the man who can straighten out that idea if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members.

A vast majority of black parents want school vouchers. Every time vouchers have been offered, black literacy has risen.

Black Families Against Racism calls out all white supremacists who refuse to support a full voucher program for education. They want to keep our kids in the inner-city violence filled schools, so they can come out as mere uneducated laborers. A vote against school vouchers is a vote for racism. Any candidate that rejects school vouchers will receive our Black Illiteracy tag.

Tell candidates that a majority of Black parents want vouchers because it has  been proven to stop illiteracy in Black kids.  Then ask your candidate if they are for school vouchers . And if they are against it, let them know that BFAR considers them to be a racist. It’s time we stopped this blatant racism that wants to keep our children illiterate.

Minimum  Wage

The minimum wage is racist.  Before the 30’s Black men were willing to work for a much lower price than white men were. As a result they were taking jobs away from whites because even racist business owners liked making a higher profit. But the white supremacists decided this had to stop and created a minimum wage that decimated the black economy because it ensured that Black men could not get a job.  Even today with the low Black literacy the minimum  wage ensure Black kids can’t ever  get a  job and remain poor.

Ask your candidate if they suport the racist  minimum wage.  Candidates that support a minimum wage clearly do not want Blacks to succeed and grow into higher paying jobs. As Thomas Sowell says the Black minimum wage is zero, as a result of the current minimum wage.  BFAR tags candidates who want a minimum  wage with the Black Povery tagThe minimum wage has racist origins and is still Racist as today prevents lower educated minorities from getting jobs.


BFAR takes a very strong stance against racists who want to ensure the genocide of blacks and browns. Planned Parenthood was started by Eugenicist Margaret Sanger in an effort to purify the races and eliminate the weeds (her own words). As such today 79% of all Planned Parenthoods are located in Black communities even though we are only 13% of the population. Since the legalization of abortion over 22 million blacks have been killed that’s almost 50% of the living blacks (44M). It doesn’t matter if you are for abortion or against abortion. BFAR calls out any legislator that wants to have the government fund the genocide of black and brown babies. Any candidate that promotes government funded or making abortions easier will receive our Black Genocide tag.

If you are running in an election and want BFAR to judge your non-racism stance for our voter guide (currently in Santa Clara County) please email us at: